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Spiral Healing Mentorship

Our most comprehensive 1:1 offering, these mentorship sessions invite the client to bring any current issue or area of life that feels like it needs attention. The intention of this program is to provide personalized guidance and and holistic support during a deeper process. We will work together to heal, move through blocks, find solutions, and to provide nourishment and guidance through sustained support. 

For individuals who have worked with me in other ways, an option to book a one-off mentorship session to deepen, process, or integrate other work is welcome as well. 

The Basic Structure:

-Twice per month live meetings, one of which may be a healing session.

-Recommended practices or "homework"

-Support throughout the whole journey

We offer 3-month or 6-month packages, or one-off sessions. 

*If you have gone through a major life event (hospitalization, near death experience, spiritual awakening, trauma, significant loss, healing crisis) it is highly recommended to book the 6 month package to allow for the process to unfold and the healings and resources to take effect. Deep healing work takes time and requires long term care. Give yourself the gift of full support through the process.

Pricing: $300 per month for package, $150 for a single session

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