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Megan Straley, PhD, RN

Hello, my name is Megan. I am an intuitive/ folk healer, shamanic practitioner, ceremonialist, writer, and teacher. I study and practice ancient earth-based/ animistic wisdom traditions in order to serve the Sacred, our Mother Earth, and all peoples. I guide individuals along their process of remembering how to access their personal power, self-healing capabilities, and alignment with their True Self through mentorship, intuitive healing, dreamwork, and group offerings. 


As a Multidimensional Healer, I support people on their healing journeys with the primary intention of helping folks re-align to their True Self and their Path. From the shamanic perspective, dis-ease results from imbalances in body, mind, and/or spirit. Our natural state is a place of alignment, flow, and balance. We all experience deviation from this from time to time. My work assists a person in re-membering their True Nature, empowering them to take back their life and walk their Path from a place of sovereign truth, personal power, and alignment. My practice is rooted in ancient earth wisdom traditions and shamanism, with an emphasis on womb shamanism as practiced by the Bee Women, priestesses of ancient Europe.


My background is both academic and spiritual, and bridging the two is one of my main life purposes. I spent my twenties completing a PhD in Neuroscience, researching in the western medical scientific paradigm, and working in intensive care nursing. Simultaneously, I apprenticed in energy medicine, medical intuition, womb shamanism, core shamanism, indigenous traditions, and folk herbalism. Following the true Healer's Journey, I navigated my own wild labyrinth, ultimately leading me to be of service in this way.


I have gone through initiation after initiation along my own Healing Journey - periods of deep depression, severe illnesses, great loss, great struggle. I have also experienced immense beauty, peace, healing, compassion, and coming home to myself through those initiations. I have been blessed by helpers, teachers, guides, and mirrors when I needed them most. Times when I was at my lowest, most lost, most sick, most aimless, most painful - the dark nights of my soul. Through these initiations, I amassed a range of healing practices and skills, gained wisdom, and found a calling to be of service to others in this way. I could not have made it without all those who assisted me in Divine ways. It brings tears to my eyes when I reflect back on those healers, those teachers, those who humbled me with their gifts, those who pointed me in the right direction, those who supported different stages of my journey in all kinds of ways. These tears are of the utmost gratitude - the gratitude that comes when one is able to return home to themselves and take their own life into their own hands. Knowing you can do this - you can heal yourself, you can transform - is such a profound gift to receive. It is now my time to pay this forward, to give back all that I have learned and amassed as a Healer in my own way, so that others may, too, See.


My healing work involves tracking dis-ease in the body (by this I mean a physical, mental, emotional, energetic, or spiritual imbalance) and seeking to restore health and vitality through non-invasive methods. I use a multidimensional approach, supporting a person in whatever way is most beneficial for their healing journey at the time. This may involve energy medicine, medical intuition, shamanic healing (such as power animal retrieval, extraction, soul retrieval), plant brushing, spiritual coaching, and/or folk remedies. My oracular work involves seeking direct revelation from the other than human world to support people in gaining more insight into their lives and their Path. My ceremonial and group work involves creating safe, nurturing containers that hold participants in educational and spiritual pursuits intended to heal, awaken,  and transform. All of my spirit-driven group work is conducted with reverence and in honor of the traditions and lineages in which I have been initiated.


I live by the intention of doing no harm and humbly allow my work to be spirit-driven, holistically focused, in service to the Sacred and this world, for the benefit of all beings. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist those who come to me, wherever they find themselves along their journey. Our work together in a safe, non-judgmental container will lead you back to who you are, who you have always been - your whole, healed, vibrant self. Know your power, your ability to heal yourself. You are able to find your Way, reconnect with your True Self, and align with the Sacred Life that is yours.


May we all continue to learn to live in a Good Way, knowing our true worth and purpose, living with compassion and gratitude that comes from an overflowing heart.

I am honored to help in the unique ways I am able.

I thank you.



Training and Experience

Woven into my personal healing journey, I have amassed formal and informal education and life experiences that lend eclectic wisdom and support for your process. 

Steeped in the western medicine paradigm, my formal degrees taught me how to reason, research, critically think, and apply science in healing. I have a PhD of Neuroscience from University College Cork in Cork, Ireland; a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Regis University in Denver CO; and a BS of Biology & Psychology, minor in Chemistry from the University of Denver.

I have always been interested in tending to the whole being (mind, body, and spirit) and so while I was studying in the formal western medical paradigm, I also studied alternative healing modalities. I trained and apprenticed extensively in Medical Intuition with Deb Goetz; Womb Shamanism (steeped in the lineage of the Melissae/ the Lyceum) with Gabriela Gutierrez and Ariella Daly; Earth-based shamanic healing with Julia Lyons (in the lineage of Maya Healing Tradition of Miss Beatrice Waight of Santa Familia Belize); Dreamwork with Ariella Daly, Toko-pa Turner, and Gabriela Gutierrez; Classical Shamanism with Katherine Wood and Jill Kuykendall (trained by Sandra Ingerman); Energy Healing and Inner Child Healing with Natasha Levinger; Reiki with Patty Stott; Somatic Trauma Healing with Luis Mojica; and Intuitive Plant Medicine and Folk Herbalism with Asia Suler, Marysia Miernowska, and Julia Lyons. I continue to apprentice in multiple earth based wisdom traditions, learning shamanic arts from both masculine and feminine perspectives in order to continue developing my healing and oracular practices, and serve my community through ceremony, and ritual. 


This wide range of training weaves my eclectic healing and teaching style, uniting a number of modalities and tools to fully resource one's process. My intention is to forever be a student myself, continuing to broaden of my scope of holistic care.  I bridge western and eastern, science and spirit, modern and ancient methods of healing, in a unique blend of support for the whole being - mind, body, and spirit.

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