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Intuitive Healing Sessions

Little Goat Intuitive Healing Sessions

Align your complete being with a spirit-driven intuitive healing session. Bring a few current issues or intentions for us to focus on, or simply arrive open to receive what comes through. These sessions are spirit-driven, always different, and can be performed remotely or in-person. We will be working with Spirit to target what really needs to be healed right now by using energy healing, intuition, shamanic healing, and other relevant modalities to support that process. Just like surgery or PT can correct a broken bone or a bone that’s out of place, these healing modalities can help correct misalignments in the spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic layers of the body.  

What to expect:

In these intuitive, energetic healing sessions, we will uncover the blocks preventing you from living your dream life and work to move them, heal them, and integrate how to move forward from a new place of wholeness and power.

While each session may look a little different, there is a general pattern that is followed:

- Before the session, we begin the conversation about what has motivated the client to come in so we can support particular intention(s). I conduct Shamanic, spirit-driven oracular word before the session in preparation to attend to these intentions in the best possible way.  

- At the start of the session I invite the client to get into a comfortable position, usually laying down and we have a quiet moment of arriving into presence.

- Then I complete a full body scan, getting a sense of the overall physical, emotional, and energetic expressions that are available and wanting to be seen.

- In person sessions have a "hands-on" component, where I place my hands with a light touch on different areas of the body that are calling for healing. In remote sessions, the healing energy will still flow to where it is needed (some people do still "feel" my hands on them).

- I listen to my intuitive guidance, sometimes talking aloud about what I am Seeing, and other times I am guided to remain very quite. If there is a question that comes up, or I need more information from the client we may converse or engage while I'm working, it just depends on what the client is most needing at that time.

- I pause at times to write things down or to grab a different tool that may be called for (feathers, rattles, plants, smoke, etc) 

- When it feels complete, I will stop my work and then we will have time for conversation. The client is encouraged to share anything that has come up for them, under no obligation to share anything if it does not feel right for them.

- Finally, I provide any suggested "homework" that came through and provide support for integration and moving forward.

Some modalities that may come through:

- Energy Healing: basic energy work (energy maintenance and clearing to return to natural state of vibrancy and flow), heavy clearing (trauma/ stress), chakra clearing, cord cutting

- Traditional shamanic healing:  power animal retrieval, extraction, compassionate de-possession, soul retrieval

- Spiritual Mentorship/ Coaching

- Somatic exercises

- Ancestral Healing

Pricing: $150 per session

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