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Oracular Guidance

Seershipand Oracular Guidance with Little Goat Healing

Throughout human history, there have been "Seers", wise-women, Shamans, priestesses. Those trained in oracular arts who commune with Spirit to derive guidance for others in the community. Getting answers from Spirit is its own powerful medicine, bringing the client tangible information which may help guide their discerned action and agency in major life decisions. I have been honored to be trained in numerous divinatory practices through which I offer spirit-driven guidance, a sweet form of intuitive healing, for any of life's questions - from relationships, to health, to work, to the greater questions of life purpose and direction. Due to the intensity of this work, I engage with it only once per month. You may submit questions at any time, and then the answer will be sent to you following the work, which usually occurs around the Full Moon. The price is $30 per question. Please use the contact box below to submit your question and I will respond with payment instructions. Thank you!

Thank you for your submission, please allow up to 3 business days for response

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