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Full Moon Empowerment Ceremony

The time of the Full Moon is ripe, the energy of the lunar cycle is at it's peak. She shines in her full glory for all to see, radiating completely, unabashedly, utterly whole and vibrant. Join us in a group ceremony to align with the potency of this energy. This embodiment work is inspired by the rites of the ancients who practiced the feminine principle and saw the body as a key component of spiritual practice. We seek to awaken and revitalize ourselves through engaging with our body-soul and embodying our truest essence, coming ever closer to who it is we truly are and what it is we came here to do. By awakening and remembering who we truly are, we find our power and alignment in this life as well as the inspiration to act and live in a beautiful way.


Ceremonies are held live via zoom from 7-830pm MST.

Requested exchange: sliding scale $30-60

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