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Dark Moon Dismemberment Ceremony

The feminine principle, or the regenerative principle, is a lens of spirituality that is not linear, but cyclical: life, transformation, death, rebirth... It notices and honors the innate cycles of nature, and thus ourselves. It teaches us to appreciate and honor all seasons, all phases, as they all have purpose and all ebb in and out of our lives. We each go through these in different times, in different ways - through the monthly moon cycles, through nature's seasons, through phases of our lives. The Dark Moon is a potent time of the lunar cycle when all that is no longer serving is invited to die away. In the letting go of all that is no longer True, we make space for what is to take up full residence. We allow the natural cycle of composting to refresh us, allowing the old energies to be transformed come the New Moon, shining anew. Dismemberment rituals have been undertaken by indigenous peoples the world over since time immemorial. The ancient ones new the importance of allowing a spiritual death to occur before a rebirth could fully commence. Seen across cultures in artwork, mythos, and memorialized rites, we tap into these ancient practices for the benefit of our monthly regeneration.


We gather each Dark Moon (the evening before the New Moon) to honor these ancient wisdoms. We embark on a dismemberment journey, in essence a spiritual death to release all that is not serving us in present. After which, we are re-membered, regenerated, and put back together to step forward with fresh vitality and alignment in the new cycle. 

Ceremonies are held live via zoom from 7-830pm MST.

Requested exchange: sliding scale $30-60

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