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There are infinite ways that imbalances may manifest in our lives - physical health issues, emotional struggles, challenges in particular areas of life. Here at Little Goat, we utilize a range of shamanic and energetic healing modalities to assist the client in healing these imbalances to return to a state of vitality, wholeness, empowerment, and vibrancy. In essence, our work is to realign with the True Self and Life Path to allow for healing to unfold in its natural process. 

Perhaps a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual ailment has been troubling you. Maybe you are experiencing a highly emotional time, going through a major transition, or having a spiritual crisis or awakening. Perhaps you just graduated from a long stay in the ICU, or have suffered with physical illness that is not resolving. Perhaps things simply feel "off" or out of alignment and you are looking for a reset. Maybe you don't know who you are anymore or how to get out of a "rut", you feel stuck, defeated, unclear of what direction to take. Perhaps you know exactly what needs to be worked on or shifted and you are looking for a guide to support you along your journey.


You are ready to heal, realign, and seek guidance and support in your process.  I would love to help. Welcome to Little Goat Healing. Let us dance together in this sacred space.

Modalities and options for 1:1 healing: intuitive healing sessions, dreamwork, intuitive teas, mentorship, oracular guidance, space/land clearing.



When we heal the ailments, dis-ease, traumas we encounter on our life journey we open up to greater love within ourselves, greater compassion for all beings, and we find a joy and purpose for moving forward in our unique expressions of life. We come home to ourselves, little by little, and the more we do this, the more aligned we feel within ourselves, and the more we can share our unique gifts and purpose with this world. We feel a greater sense of belonging and find clarity and direction for our current life circumstances, ultimately, getting ever closer to who we truly are and what we came here to do. 

Who is a good fit? 

My clients are ready to embrace the power of self healing and learn how to transform. My clients honor themselves and others, are open-hearted, kind, genuine, honest, and dedicated. People who have recently stepped into their healing journey, as well as people who have been on their path for quite some time and could use support along the way are all welcome. My clients are open to multi-dimensional processing (i.e. working with physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements all together).  


This journey never ends, and I certainly don’t have all the answers. I do have some wisdom and experience to benefit you and help you navigate this current wave, whatever that might be. Trust that I will show up and deliver my best to you with an open heart, a grounded being, and a tuned in spirit, lead by my spirit guides and helpers. This is your healing journey and I am honored to show up in support of your process.


Here are some examples of why people come in to work with me, keeping in mind there are many other examples of what I can help you with.  Feel free to reach out to inquire if what you are seeking support for would be a good fit.



-Recently discharged from hospital, especially ICU, near-death experiences

-Menstrual cycle/ womb issues/ birth control transitions

-Questioning or transitioning and reproductive health

-Physical depletion/ chronic exhaustion

-Back pain

-Digestion issues



-Physical symptoms that have not been helped with western medicine

Emotional/ Spiritual:

-Divine Feminine: empowerment, intuition, sacred sexuality, cyclic living

-Divine Masculine: healing, releasing, cultivating

-Wounds from childhood/ early life 

-Anxiety or Depression

-Feeling closed up or disconnected from yourself or others

-Trauma of all kinds

-Ancestral wounds/ past life patterns

-Generally not feeling well in your body or mind

-Feeling "stuck"/ not knowing what to do in life/ not feeling like "yourself"

-Chakra clearing

-Rewiring thought/ behavior patterns

-Boundary work

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