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Space and Land Clearing

Sometimes we feel that something is "off" in our home, office, or on our land. It may feel like an "odd" vibe, an increase in the frequency or severity of mishaps or "bad luck", or some other sense that the space needs tending on an energetic or spiritual level. For many, they sense that the land is not happy with them on some level. For this, I offer space clearing and blessing. I work with spirits and energies of a home, building, vehicle, and/or land to bring about reciprocity, reclamation, healing, and peace for all involved. I work to build relationships and clear the space for the greatest benefit of all.  This is deep, profound, wonderful work and it would be an honor to assist you in realigning your space.


Pricing: The time requirement and pricing are determined by the size of space, the amount of clearing required, and the travel distance. Please reach out directly for queries, or book a session to get started.

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