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Dreamwork Course

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Do you love dreams? Have you felt the inclination that dreams are not "just dreams" but hold a deeper importance for your human experience? Do you have curiosity about dreamwork as a spiritual practice and how it can benefit your life?  Join us for a six week exploration to the art and practice of Shamanic Dreamwork, grounded in the lineage of the Bee Women of ancient Europe. This is a safe container of learning, growth, collaboration, and transformation through the art of dreamwork. As with all things spiritual, and steeped in the regenerative principle, this learning is not linear. We will delve into the Mystery and discover what is meant for us there at this time. This will be a time of healing expansion, witnessed and supported by this community, or hive, of dreamers. The structure of this course will be a combination of informational and experiential - we will be held by the structure of linear form and tangible information while then freed to the intangible unfolding of our unique experience.

This course will be held Tuesday evenings, October 10th - November 14th, from 630-830pm.

Each week we will have a specific focus of learning combined with practice and related home explorations.


Week 1: The Welcome

Week 2: Courtship

Week 3: Deepening into Darkness

Week 4: Stepping into the Imaginal

Week 5: Dream Mirroring

Week 6: Conclusions and New Beginnings

The price of the course is $240. Please pay via venmo to @LittleGoatHealing.

If another payment method is needed or you have questions, please reach out to me directly:

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