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Dreamwork Session

Dreams are wildly powerful, when we tend to them. They help us to understand our current experiences from radical perspectives and varied levels. Our dreams are bridges to our subconscious and to the more than human world. When we tend to them and engage in relationship with them, we are gifted insight, belonging, and healing, which we may take forth for the betterment of our waking lives. Dreams are indeed potent if we choose to engage with them, however the subconscious mind and the language of Spirit comes in metaphor and symbol, and so it is helpful for one to have assistance in deciphering the codes. This is what I can help with. I am honored to be your dream mirror in this work.

In my personal relationship with Dreamwork, I have studied with many wonderful teachers and have a devoted dream practice that blends shamanic dreamwork, intentional dreaming, Jungian exploration, dream recapitulation, and somatic investigation. I have been so profoundly awakened, healed, and inspired by Dreamwork, that I wish to share what I have learned, and support others with their dreams and their own practice. 

What a session looks like:

- We begin the session with a Dream Mirror, where we receive spirit-driven guidance on the dream through my training in womb shamanism oracular dreamwork.

- Then, utilizing a combination of dreamwork methods as mentioned above, we will delve into the dream in order to understand the messages and uncover the deeper impact (lesson, healing, etc) of the dream. 

- Finally, we honor the dream and choose what steps to take to honor the messages received and integrate. Guidance and suggested "homework" is often also offered.



- We tend to dream in cycles that align with major life events, thus I strongly encourage booking a minimum of 3 sessions with me to allow for the process to unfold in a fully supported container. I will often undergo shamanic and oracular work on the client's behalf in between sessions in order to support their process. 

 A few definitions:

- Intentional dreaming: a shamanic practice in which we intentionally dream for guidance and relationship from the other than human world.

- Dream Mirror: an oracular dream interpretation in which I See messages from Spirit around the dream and its meaning. This method has been handed down by my teachers of European Bee Shamanism

- Jungian analysis: utilizing the work of Carl Yung, this is an exploration of the dream symbolism, archetypes, and inner connections to decipher what the dream/ the psyche may be communicating.

- Dream recapitulation: going back into the dream to discover more information, replay it, or change it.

- Somatic exploration: working with the body and the physical sensations during dreamwork to reveal deeper information and allow for release and transformation on all levels.

Pricing: $100 per session

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