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Intuitive Teas

Are you looking for natural, homeopathic support for a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual challenge? We make personalized teas and herbal remedies for your unique situation! 


This offering includes an hour long consult as well as an individualized tea, which is blessed, prayed upon, and infused with reiki. 

Prior clients have utilized folk remedies in support of the following:

-Sleep Issues (insomnia, hypersomnia, dreamwork)


-Anxiety, depression, mood issues

-Heartache, grief, inner child work

-Transitions, spiritual crises/ awakening

-Greater connection to Self and unique gifts

-Digestive Issues (constipation, inconsistent BMs, loose stools)

-Clearing the lymphatic system, immune system support

-Respiratory illness

-Pain relief

-UTI, Kidney and Bladder issues

-Menstrual, Womb, Feminine, and Sexuality Issues, STI's

-Generalized clearing and detox


-Focus, Clarity, Vitality

-Liver and Gallbladder Cleansing


We will meet remotely for about 45 minutes to discuss what is currently happening in your experience. Following the consultation, an individualized tea will be prepared and blessed. 

Pricing: $160 per session + preparation

* Please note that Megan is a folk herbalist, and is not a certified western herbalist. These offerings are spirit-driven, founded in earth-based oral traditions, and are for informational purposes only. We make no claims to diagnose, treat, or prescribe. These offerings do not replace advice, diagnosis, and treatment from a licensed professional. The client is responsible for his/her own health and wellbeing. If a client is suffering from a medical or psychological illness, we recommend they seek an appropriate licensed provider for diagnosis, treatment, and prescriptions of any kind *

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