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Medical Intuition Session

Medical Intuition Sessions

Get to the root of a physical ailment or illness from the energetic and spiritual perspective. With compassionate guidance, grounded in my medical background, I tune into the imbalances contributing to manifestations of dis-ease. We will find resolutions for realigning with your fullest potential for health and wellness.  These sessions can be performed remotely or in-person.

What to expect:

In these intuitive, spirit-driven sessions, we will uncover the root contributors to your ailment- physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.  We will realign imbalances and components influencing the dis-ease state and understand what is needed to move forward towards greater health and wellness. Medical Intuition sessions incorporate aspects of energy healing, shamanistic practices, and guidance to realign the client and send them forward with integrated approaches to maintaining their health going forward.  

What a session looks like:

- At the start of the session I invite the client to get into a comfortable position, usually laying down or sitting in a chair and we have a quiet moment of arriving into presence.

- Then, we have a conversation about the physical ailment(s) that have been troubling the client, what they have tried in the past, and their intentions.

- Next, I complete a full body scan, getting a sense of the overall physical, emotional, and energetic expressions that are available and honing in on the areas of dis-ease.

- I work with Spirit to uncover, heal, and move what is blocking the client from being in their natural state of health, wellbeing, and vitality. As we move through, I am always attending to the client's needs and current state.

- Finally, I provide any suggested "homework" that came through and provide support for integration and moving forward.

Pricing: $150 per session

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