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Embodiment Series

Join us in movement practice to dance with your own body-soul. We dive into the imaginal realms, through the body, to seek healing, self-gnosis, empowerment, and connection. Through deep listening to the body, and allowing it to show what it knows, we engage with our psyche, our soul, in an imbodied manner, which allows for deeper integration and empowerment. Each embodiment series will follow a general theme, building upon itself week by week, leading us ever farther down the winding labyrinth.

Upcoming Series: The Varied Selves 

We will explore the various aspects of "self" through this dance series, ranging from the human to the instinctual to the esoteric. Each week we will dance with different aspects, embodying them for more wholeness and deeper integration of all that we are. 

Wednesday evenings, 630-8 MST, July 3rd - July 24th. Live via Zoom.

Requested sliding scale: $130-225

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