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Monthly Dream Workshop

Gather with friends once per month for drop in dream workshops!

Once a month we will be offering drop in dream workshops. These will be offered on different days at different times to allow for people with varying schedules to join.


These workshops will be beneficial for anyone interested in to engaging with their dreams. We welcome anyone brand new to dreamwork as well as those well seeped in practices looking to deepen and coming together with others. We will practice different dreamwork techniques to gain the insight and healing our dreams desire to inspire. Working together in a circle allows for widening the view and opening up the potency of dreams to a much greater degree than working with them solo. It also allows for comradery, support, and the fun of playing with dreams with likeminded friends. 

Workshops held live via zoom.

Requested Exchange: $40-80

Upcoming Workshops:

Sunday June 30th, 1-330 MST

Friday July 19th, 6-830 MST

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